We look for a lot of things in the startups we choose to invest, but also recognize that opportunities don’t always fit neatly into a preconceived box of criteria. You’re not cookie-cutter and neither is our approach to how we evaluate and work with your startup.

Large Addressable Markets

We're looking for large and/or growing markets with unmet needs and underserved segments.

Value Creation, Capture

We love great ideas since that's where it all begins, but a great idea with no business model is no business at all. We're looking for, and will help you create, business models that monetize the value you've created.

Potential for Disruption

We're looking for ideas, technologies, and processes that redefine industries and segments, or create altogether new ones!


Your product or service isn't just better, it's different! We like barriers-to-entry, not games of leapfrog.

Industry Focus

We like technology-enabled services (b2b and b2c) and are biased towards the healthcare, education, and consumer web/mobile/social spaces.

Passionate, Talented Teams

We're looking for highly passionate and talented entrepreneurs that have bold ideas, the audacity to be the “first”, and have a bias for execution. We're looking for entrepreneurs that share our values.

Capital Efficient, Highly Scalable

Given a modest initial investment, we seek capital-efficient business models and teams that can scale those models.


We invest only if precedent-based or logical exits exist, enabling both us and entrepreneurs to reap the rewards of our labor.



ZipFit.me helps people quickly find their best-fit clothing, starting with men’s jeans. Using a  predictive algorithm, ZipFit.me matches men with their “perfect” jeans tailored to individual fit and style.  It's vision is to be the Pandora of all clothing.


Liz Kammel's first job was while she was in high school when she worked at the Gap and fell in love with helping people find their best fit clothing. She went on to college at Emory in Atlanta and studied Mathematics, Economics and Italian.  After college she passed on a job at the NSA to join Mercer Consulting as an analyst where she managed the development of an internal tool mapping thousands of survey jobs.  After boredom set in, she moved to the cornfields of Indiana to help her family's air pollution control startup.  The concept of ZipFit.me was born while Liz was commuting back and forth from Indiana to the University of Chicago Booth School of business with 7 of her male classmates.

Random Facts: Liz is half-Egyptian but doesn't speak Arabic; she speaks Italian. She plays co-ed soccer all year long and paints artistically.

On the web – http://zipfit.me